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Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine

  • Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine
  • Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine
  • Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine
  • Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine
  • Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine
Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine

Large Opening 1/4-4 Swaging Automatic Press Pipe Machine Hose Crimping Machine

  • Crimping range:6~102mm ( 1/4~4" )
  • Max crimping Force:1400T
  • Rated Pressure: 31.5Mpa
  • Mold Quantity:16Sets
  • Power:4KW/5.5KW/7.5KW
  • Dies size:15,18,23,26,31,36,41,47,55,61
Factory Show
factory show
DX102 4" hose crimping machine
Product Description
Brief Introduction
The DX102 Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine represents a pinnacle of efficiency and reliability in the realm of hydraulic hose assembly. Specifically designed to cater to a broad crimping range from 6 to 102mm (1/4 to 4 inches) and equipped with 16 sets of molds, this machine offers a comprehensive solution for diverse hydraulic hose applications. mould seat equipped with a high accuracy guiding device.
Features and Benefits:
  • Versatile Crimping Range: Covers a wide array of hose sizes, making it suitable for various hydraulic applications.
  • Precision Engineering: Ensures consistent and high-quality crimps, meeting the exacting standards of hydraulic systems.
  • Diverse Mold Selection: Equipped with 16 sets of molds, providing flexibility to handle different hose types with efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for intuitive use, accommodating both seasoned professionals and operators new to hydraulic hose assembly.
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, the DX102 guarantees durability and sustained performance in demanding working conditions.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Optimizes the crimping process, boosting overall productivity in hydraulic hose assembly.
  • Compact Design: Offers portability and flexibility in various workspaces, ensuring adaptability to diverse working conditions.
  • Safety Features: Includes built-in safety measures to protect operators during the crimping operation.
  • Quick Mold Changes: Facilitates rapid mold changes, reducing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Reliable Crimping Results: Delivers secure and reliable connections, meeting the stringent requirements of hydraulic applications.
The DX102 Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine stands as a reliable and versatile solution, providing precision, efficiency, and durability for hydraulic hose assembly needs.

DX102 4" hose crimping machine
Hose crimping machine
Model DX68 DX76 DX102 DX150
Crimping range 6-51mm(1/4" ~2") 6~76mm ( 1/4~3" ) 6~102mm ( 1/4~4" ) 6-150mm(1/4~6")
Max crimping Force 449T 500T 1400T 2500T
Rated Pressure 31.5MPa 50Mpa 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa
Weight 250kg 300kg 520kg 900kg
Mold Quantity 10 sets 13Sets 16Sets 17Sets
Power 3KW/4KW  4KW 4KW/5.5KW/7.5KW 4KW/5.5KW/7.5KW
Voltage 220V/380V 240V / 380V 380V or customized 380V or customized
Scale accuracy 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Overall dimensions 670*490*780mm 730*470*930mm 900*790*1070mm 1030*630* 1160mm
Product Detail

DX102 4" hose crimping machine
DX102 4" hose crimping machine
DX102 4" hose crimping machine
DX102 4" hose crimping machine

Main Technical Feature
1.Efficient, fast pump
2. dies can be changed quickly by QC tool
3. Die set rack,space saving.
4. Precision control device,equipped with signal lamp
5. automatic&semi-auto&button& foot pedal control operated
6.The height of the machine is just right for standing operation
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>>Any color can be customized. 
>>Machine parts can specify the brand requiryed by customers, such as Famous brand motors. 
>>Can customize customer's own logo and machine OEM. 
>>Molds can be customized in different models. 

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1.Add sufficiently 79 liters of Great Wall brand 46# anti-abrasion hydraulic oil. If the room tem- perature is lower than 10ºC, 10% transformer oil is need to add.
Connect the electric source well as per the machine requirements, to make the direction of the motor rotation to be consistent with the rotation direction marking, and grounding protection shall be done.

2.Regulating the scale
The scale is used for regulating the amount of the buckling. When it is regulated clockwise, the buckling amount will decrease, when it is regulated anticlockwise, the buckling amount will increase. The scale is connected together with oil cylinder end cover through three socket head screws and three springs on the scale base. When using a hand to pull the scale (vertical to the oil cylinder end cover direction), the scale can flexibly leave from the oil cylinder end cover. When releasing the scale, the scale will be recovered relying on spring force. Before the machine is turned on, inspect carefully if the scale telescoping is flexible and if the lead con- nection is reliable.

3.The primary scale is turned within 0 line of the secondary scale, turn the machine on for test run, and observe if all actions are normal. If when the piston conducts reciprocating move- ment, there is a crawling phenomenon, the bleed screw on the oil cylinder top shall be unscrewed for exhausting air.

4.Pressure regulation
The buckling pressure and opening mould pressure will be regulated through two knobs at the back of the oil cylinder (see figure), when it is regulated clockwise, the pressure will increase, when it is regulated anticlockwise, the pressure will decrease (The pressure has already been well regulated when ex-factory).

Based on the size of the rubber hose to be buckled, select suitable mould as per the technical parameter reference table of the locking pipe and mount it on the mould base. Regulated well the scale position as per the data in the data in the table, the pipe locking can be done. After pipe locking, use a vernier caliper to mease the outside diameter dimension of the pipe sleeve after buckling to see if it meets the reference table data of the parameter. If it does not meet the data, the scale shall be precisely regulated until it meets the requirements. Because the manufactures of the pipe sleeve are different, so, specific dimension, material, hardness etc are certainly not the same. These factors would result different influences on the pipe locking result, therefore, the data in the table is only for reference, the detailed data take the pressure test as the basis.

dies choose

1.When buckling, make the joint to locate the mould center as much as possible, the joint is not buckled on the hex nut.
2.Prevent tool and other foreign matter from entering the locking head.
3.After the work is finished for each time, the eight-block mould base must be made to extend to the greatest extent, this can make the spring to be at extension status. If not, the spring will be damage.
4.When working, the hand should not stretch into the locking head.
5.The power supply must be switched off when maintenance is done.
Maintenance and Care

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank should be frequently checked, if oil amount is found to be insuf- ficient, the oil shall be timely supplemented. If the oil liquid is polluted, it shall be filtered or replaced.
The locking head shall keep internal cleanliness. Avoid the foreign matters during processing to enter into the locking head oil cylinder via the mould to affect the normal use. Wipe out the foreign matters, which are brought by the mould body in time when buckling the joint.
Frequently fill suitable grease into the mould body for lubrication.
We will provide a guarantee to keep the machine in good repair within 12 months from the day when the machine is purchased. All fitting troubles will be free of charge repaired (or replaced if necessary) during the guarantee period. The damage resulted from improper use o accident damage does not belong to free of charge repair range.

The Packing List
1.The high pressure hose crimping machine in model DX102 one set
2.Mold (Total 10 Sets)
Φ15 1 set
Φ18 1 set
Φ23 1 set
Φ26 1 set
Φ31 1 set
Φ36 1 set
Φ41 1 set
Φ47 1set
Φ55 1set
Φ61 1set

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