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It is said that the crimping machine is a powerful assistant for hose joints. In what way?

The pipe locking machine is also called a hose locking machine, a hose locking machine, a hose locking machine, which is mainly composed of a crimping mechanism, a motor, a gear pump, a control valve and a fuel tank. It is suitable for the crimping processing of high-pressure hose assemblies in mechanical engineering, and can also crimp two-way elbows, extra large elbows and special-shaped heads.
 It is said that the crimping machine is a powerful assistant for hose joints. In what way?
 It is said that the crimping machine is a powerful assistant for the hose joint. What is the explanation of the mechanical accuracy setting and technical performance of the pipe locking machine?
 Explanation of the mechanical accuracy setting and technical performance of the pipe locking machine! In the hydraulic system, whether it is a metal pipe joint or a hose joint, there is a problem that leakage is easy to occur. For ferrule type pipe joints, most of the pipes are subject to large external or impact forces that cause the ferrule to loosen or the pipe end surface to deform and cause leakage. Intact and the tightness of the ferrule nut, etc., but also eliminate the external force of the pipeline. For flared pipe joints, most of them are leaked due to excessive flaring, substandard quality or multiple disassembly, resulting in deformation or cracking of the flaring. At this time, the front end can be cut off and reflared.
If the top pressure of the male and female cones is used for sealing, most of the leakage is due to the damage of the two cone surfaces, and the cone surfaces can be ground with abrasive sand. In some cases with "о" ring seal against the end face or outer diameter. According to the use function, it can be divided into hydraulic high-pressure pipe lock machine, brake pipe lock machine, air-conditioning pipe lock machine, power pipe lock machine, etc. According to the mechanical structure, it can be divided into straight tube lock machine, double column lock Pipe machine, open pipe lock machine, C-type pipe lock machine, according to the control method can be divided into electromechanical pipe lock machine, PLC pipe lock machine, numerical control pipe lock machine, of which electromechanical pipe lock machine is widely used, Its technical performance is as follows:
In order to ensure the mechanical accuracy and longevity of the pipe locking machine, not only the high-quality alloy steel material is selected for the locking mechanism components, but also the heat treatment process is used. Therefore, the long service life of the pipe locker is inseparable from the rationality of the material selection heat, processing, mechanical processing technology and structure!
The crimping mold and mold base adopt a non-cumulative error processing technology to ensure that the crimping lines of the product after the crimping are evenly spaced, and there is no big or small head phenomenon. The dual hydraulic circuit operation principle is adopted, that is, the advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and contracting movements of the mold rely on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not occur like a spring return, which makes the mold not open and locks. Moreover, the cylinder locking system is designed to penetrate back and forth, which is easy to buckle various special-shaped elbows. The hydraulic system is composed of a motor, an oil pump, a solenoid valve, a pressure regulating valve, and a hydraulic valve. Position, and speed is adjustable, noise and system pressure are reduced.
The pipe locking machine is a metal joint
The rubber hoses are tightly buckled together to make high-pressure rubber hoses and fluid connections, referred to as high-pressure rubber hose assemblies. High pressure hose assembly is widely used in oilfield, coal mine, aerospace, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries.
The most important parameters for selecting a pipe locker are: 1. The size of the hose usually refers to the inside diameter of the hose
2. How many layers of hoses are woven or twisted?
3.withholding pressure and requirements.