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Hose crimping machine operating procedures

1. Cylinder: It is the core component of the buckle machine, which accounts for two-thirds of the total weight of the buckle machine. It is made of forged parts, which are carefully and meticulously processed by the lathe master to form the shape of the cylinder.
2. Micrometer: It has a certain adjustment effect on the fastening force of the buckle machine.
3, solenoid valve: to control the flow rate of the oil, to further control the speed of the buckle process of the full process;
4. Motor: The oil pressure is adjusted by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor to the internal oil pressure of the workpiece buckle machine.
5. Filter: The hydraulic oil in the buckle machine is filtered to make the internal oil clean, which is beneficial to the later maintenance of the buckle machine and prolongs the application period;
6. Circuit control cabinet: The professional electrician masters the corresponding assembly according to the circuit planning drawings, so that the whole buckle movement of the buckle machine can be controlled;
7. Fuel tank base: The function is to store the hydraulic oil required by the buckle machine, and to support the cylinder body and so on;

The buckle machine adopts the hydraulic transmission and the new programmable computer plc, which is beneficial to the operation and can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions. The material of the bearing steel makes it have a higher
Wear-resisting and anti-corrosion function, long-lasting life, is the most widely used crimping equipment, and one of the most trusted products of the majority of users;

The buckle machine is derived from the mechanical equipment developed on the press for crimping the pipe fittings and is composed of several important components. The oil pump device is immersed in the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank to reach the scientific cooling plan.

The oil pump is driven by the motor to output hydraulic oil to push the plunger movement in the crimping cylinder, so that the die holder is radially shortened, and the mold is kneaded on the hose joint jacket. When the shortening amount reaches the micrometer booking value, the kneading is actively suspended, and after the electromagnetic reversing valve is reversed, the plunger in the cylinder moves in the opposite direction, and the mold is opened. When everything is normal, the work is performed again, and the buckler is waited. After the first buckle operation is completed, the operator of the buckle machine takes out the crimped pipe with the left or right hand and then uses the foot to initiate the switch, and the mold is turned over, and the crimping is completed. The buckle tube module adopts double bevel design, the buckle pressure is increased, the pressure tube has no taper, the service life is long, the noise is low, the volume is small, the weight is light, the function is many, the module is opened, the operation is easy, and the maintenance is good.




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