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The lock pipe machine is a hydraulic device for crimping the pipe assembly

As we all know, the use of shrinking machines greatly improves and eases the safety of installation and fire safety. At the same time, the lock pipe machine is also suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automobile air conditioning pipes, automobile power steering pipes, oil pipes, gasoline fuel supply pipes, as well as the buckle of construction parts and daily hot water pipes. It is widely used in industries such as vehicles, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment.

Main features of the shrink tube product
1. Using one-piece precision cast steel to completely solve the deformation of the cylinder caused by welding, the accuracy of the product can not be reached, etc. The advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and contraction of the die are all dependent on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly,
The return stroke is fast, and there is no phenomenon that the spring is returned, so that the mold can not be opened and locked. Moreover, the cylinder locking system design is front and rear through, which is easy to buckle various shaped elbows.
2. The hydraulic system consists of a motor, oil pump, solenoid valve, relief valve and valve block. It has a double hydraulic circuit with forward and backward movement, and a hydraulic control check valve is added to the double hydraulic oil circuit to achieve faster return. The purpose is to adjust the speed, noise and system pressure.
3. Double relief valve is adopted. When the pressure pipe is used, the high pressure relief valve works to ensure greater pressure. The pressure resistance of the extruded product is higher. The low pressure relief valve works when the mold is opened, preventing the oil seal from being subjected to excessive pressure and thus affecting the use. life
4. The mould base adopts double bevel design to ensure uniform distribution of buckle pressure, ensuring uniform force of the product after crimping, uniform spacing of buckle lines and no ellipse.
5. In order to ensure the mechanical precision and life of the tube press, not only the high-quality alloy steel material but also the unique heat treatment process is selected on the locking mechanism assembly. Therefore, the long service life of the pipe press is inseparable from the rationality of material selection, heat treatment, machining, assembly and structure.

Pipeline machine installation and commissioning
1. The machine should be handled by forklift.
2. The machine should be fixed horizontally on a stable foundation and grounded.
3. Open the rear side cover of the chassis and add 60 liters of No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil to the fuel tank.
4. Connect the power cable to the power supply specified by the machine, and jog the motor to observe the direction of rotation. The direction of the motor should be the same as the direction of the label arrow on the motor, or turn on the power switch after the line is connected. If the machine moves, the opening of the mold increases. The motor is rotated correctly. If the machine is not moving, you need to reverse any two of the three live wires.
5. The maximum pressure of the machine system is 31.5MPa, which is adjusted by the relief valve. Adjust the pressure clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease the pressure. (The pressure has been adjusted at the factory. If you need to adjust the pressure of the relief valve, it is strictly forbidden to use this equipment over 31.5MPa).

1. Open the back cover of the machine and add approximately 60 liters of clean 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil to the tank.
2. Connect the power cable, and then open the main switch installed on the side of the machine. If the mold automatically generates the action, the motor is turning correctly. If there is no action, the motor is reversed. The three fire wires at the terminal should be Any two pairs can be adjusted (note: you must turn off the power before you can operate).
3. When the machine is used for the first time, it should be pressed 10 to 20 times, and it can be used after observing that all parts are normal. The lock pipe machine should be idling 20-30 times during winter use to increase the oil temperature and increase the service life of the machine.




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