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Hose crimping machine working process

The crimping mechanism is the working mechanism of the machine. The pressure sleeve is reciprocated by the cylinder plunger, and the spring pressure head fixed on the mandrel is continuously pressed and relaxed, and the installed tube head, the jacket and the core are placed in the middle circular hole of the spring indenter. The motor, the oil pump and the control valve are actuated to drive the cylinder plunger to move, and the outer wall of the spring indenter with the same taper is pressed through the pressure sleeve with the tapered inner wall to achieve the pressing purpose. After the reversing, the pressure sleeve moves in the opposite direction, the spring head is restored, and the high pressure hose joint is taken out.
Instructions for use

1. The fuel tank should be filled with 46# Great Wall hydraulic oil (the oil must be cleaned, otherwise it will damage the cylinder and seal) to reach 75% of the tank height.
2. Before working, put the handle on the working position, start the motor for three minutes, run the reciprocating operation for two minutes, and apply the butter to each mold base.
3. Add 20#-30# mechanical oil to each oil cup.
4. Before the hose is crimped, the pressure sleeve, 19 parts (guide key), 13 parts (pulley), 22 parts (die cone) must be coated with high-grade lubricant (molybdenum disulfide) to reduce wear. . Especially for the high pressure hose of Φ32mm or more, 20-30 pieces per button pressure need to be applied once (not too much each time).
5. When crimping the large flange and the large elbow high pressure pipe, when the machine cannot be extended into the machine, the handle can be increased to the emergency stop position, and then the handle is moved to the working position, and the buckle can be pressed and buckled. After moving back to the emergency stop position, turn the head into place, then move the enlarged handle into the working position for deduction, and so on. For the general high-pressure hose crimping, increase the handle to the working position and do not move.
6. After the work is finished, the mold base and the pressure sleeve should be wiped clean and buttered, and the mold base and the pressure sleeve should not be too close (the pressure sleeve and the mold base are not in contact with each other), and finally stop, the handle will be loosened. Put in the emergency stop position to relax the inner spring.
7. It should be noted that the handle must be placed in the working position before starting the power. Otherwise, the machine will crush the head and cause the machine to work.

Installation and use
1. This machine should be installed on the horizontal foundation of the workshop.
2. Installation and commissioning is carried out by the manufacturer for no-load operation, and the pipe joints are subjected to a compression test to confirm that the design requirements are met before leaving the factory.
3. When crimping hoses of different specifications, replace the heads of different specifications.
4. When there is oil leakage after long-term use, it is necessary to replace the seals in the cylinder and pipe valve system in time.
5. The hydraulic oil is selected from 46# Great Wall brand anti-wear hydraulic oil. The oil temperature is generally controlled at 30 °C —— 35 °C.
6. Regularly maintain the working condition of the pressing mechanism to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.




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