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How to increase the crimping efficiency and accuracy of the hose crimping machine

After years of research and development by researchers, the new generation of full-automatic hose crimping machine is developed and produced by changing the mode. The piston's advance and retreat and the opening and contraction of the mold rely on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not occur like a spring return, which makes the mold not open and locked. In addition, the cylinder locking system is designed to penetrate back and forth, and it is easy to buckle various special-shaped elbows, and finally meet the molding requirements.
Through this innovation, the problems of fast buckling speed and high precision of the automatic buckling machine are truly realized. Realize compact equipment structure, reasonable assembly process, and one machine with multiple functions, which can complete low-pressure oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automotive air conditioning pipes, automotive power steering pipes, oil pipes, gasoline fuel supply pipes, and building accessories, daily heat The buckling of water and gas pipes provides users with more raw material sources and product diversity to meet the needs of various users.