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When does the shrinking machine need maintenance?

When we use the tube shrinking machine, we often let the mechanical equipment operate for a long time. I do n’t know how to determine when the tube shrinking machine needs maintenance, and continue to work to cause damage to parts. In fact, when the mechanical equipment needs maintenance, it I will also "open the mouth" and say that when the tube shrinking machine is overloaded, some phenomena will appear to remind us that it is time to perform maintenance. Xiaobian will introduce 4 common phenomena next year.
1. The wear of the main components of the transmission, the tube shrinking machine proofreading has deviations, abnormal noise, vibration and jitter.
2. The steering wear gap is too large, operation failure, transmission gear and shaft wear are serious, gear shifting is difficult or frequent neutral, brake equipment is severely worn, braking performance is reduced or invalid, and cannot be adjusted.
3. The engine performance parameters of the power system are reduced by more than 20%. The consumption of oil and electricity exceeds the range of the engine's fuel consumption. 80.
4. The template support is deformed or cracked, the equipment is seriously damaged during work, the control system often fails, the pipe cutting machine cannot work or the precision of the work cannot reach the requirements, the transmission gear is damaged seriously, and the pipe cutting machine Unable to work.
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