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What is the workflow of the pipe cutter?

Pipe cutting machine is currently widely used in various major fields, and now more or less engineers will use it, so everyone knows how the pipe cutting machine works? As an operator, you should know the relevant knowledge of mechanical equipment, The following editor will tell you about the working process of the pipe cutting machine.
First move the pipe to the equipment workbench. When the cutting length is reached, the lifted push rod will spring back and generate kinetic energy through the pneumatic system. The pipe will be clamped and the pipe will follow the cutting workbench to carry out the extension movement together. . After that, the pipe cutter starts cutting. After cutting, touch the No. 2 travel switch, and the pipe cutter motor stops rotating.
In the process of cutting the pipe, after cutting, the working platform and the pipe still maintain the extended movement until the working platform touches the No. 3 limit switch, the mechanical arm will loosen, and the working platform will not continue to move with the pipe. When it is terminated, it will return to the workbench after a delay of about 2 to 3 minutes. During the round trip, it will touch the No. 4 limit switch, and the cut pipe will be separated into the pipe cutter. After the work platform is back and forth, it will touch the No. 5 limit switch, waiting for the next pipe to exceed the specified length.
The above is the working principle of the pipe cutting machine introduced by Xiaobian to everyone, so that everyone can have a certain knowledge base to solve the problem during the subsequent operation.
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