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Don't look at the small size of the pipe locker, in fact it has a higher efficiency

Hose crimping machine is small in size, covers a small area, and is easy to move; the mold is flexible and can be customized according to customer needs (solving square tube, rectangular tube and hexagonal lock head) plus positioning installation to solve the lock diameter of steel and iron pipes The length and length are different. The precision of the special mold is high, and there will be no cracks in the steel pipe and iron pipe after the lock. All the numerical control type crimping machines are made of high-toughness and high-strength materials on the CNC machine tools at one time to ensure the precision of the fastening.
Don't look at the small size of the hose crimping machine, in fact, it works more efficiently
All external components used in the hydraulic system are used. In order to ensure the quality of the machine, this model has large daily output, superior performance, simple operation, convenient and fast adjustment and replacement of molds, and is one of the ideal equipment for hose assembly manufacturers. Technical design and manufacture of steel pipes and hydraulic components, with small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, advanced oil circuit design, high efficiency and reliable performance.
The stroke of the lock head was re-improved to greatly improve the production effect; the hose crimping machine is a machine that can expand and lock the pipe fittings, and its head is generally not very large. It is a display screen with liquid crystal control, which can be used to expand the tube, lock the tube, bulge, and tendon by the size of the mold.
The process of locking the tube is as follows. Under the action of the axial force of the hose crimping machine, the tube blank instantly generates a huge locking force in the deformation area, deforms the locking area, and then advances gradually, and finally Deformation of the shaping mouth. At the same time, the following functions are added to the design structure: completely replace the manual welding method; the operator can choose to operate the equipment manually or automatically.
It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automotive air conditioning pipes, automotive power steering pipes, oil pipes, gasoline fuel supply pipes, and building accessories, daily hot water gas pipe withholding, widely used in vehicles, Construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other industries.
NC type crimping machine is designed and manufactured with the comprehensive advantages of similar products. It has small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, advanced oil circuit design, high efficiency, reliable performance, digital control, high crimping accuracy and adjustable crimping speed. Etc. The hose crimping machine is suitable for various types of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipes, hydraulic joints or steel pipes with four embroidery. Do not distinguish sundries <iron shavings, cotton yarn into: high-pressure pipe crimping machine, gold weight crimping machine, power crimping machine, etc. . The mechanical structure of Jiapo can be divided into: direct-proof escorting machine and double pillar.