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Correct interpretation of the operation mode of the hose crimping machine

Principle of hose crimping machine: The oil pump is installed in the oil tank and immersed in hydraulic oil to achieve the purpose of scientific heat dissipation and silence. The oil pump is driven by the motor to output hydraulic oil and push the plunger in the crimping cylinder to cause the die seat to shrink radially. Extrusion of the hose joint jacket by the mold. When the shrinkage reaches the predetermined value of the micrometer, the extrusion automatically stops, and after the electromagnetic reversing valve is reversed, the plunger in the oil cylinder moves in the reverse direction, and the mold is opened accordingly, and the crimping of the hose is completed.
Correct interpretation of the operation mode of the hose crimping machine
Hose crimping operation of hose crimping machine:
1. The tube press should be withheld for 20 to 30 times without load. Observe that all parts are normal before use.
2. When using the tube press in winter, it should be withheld 20-30 times without load to increase the oil temperature.
3. Press the opening button, and after the mold base is opened, select the corresponding mold to install on the mold base according to the specifications of the clamped hose, and adjust the micrometer scale.
4. Place the hose with the joint in the proper position in the tube head so that the entire length of the hose is crimped at one time.
5. Press the withhold button to carry out the withholding operation until the press tube head stops withholding and automatically opens the mold.
6. Take out the crimped hose assembly and use a vernier caliper to measure the outer diameter of the joint jacket after crimping. If it does not match the parameter table, fine-tune the micrometer scale until the next hose crimping meets the requirements.
Steel tube shrinking machine requires a construction steel tube shrinking machine to mechanically drive the steel pipe to rotate and heat it with flame at one end of the steel pipe. When a certain temperature is reached, the heated steel pipe head is driven by a forming die until it reaches Up to the required shape. Under the action of oil pressure, the crimping hose may be pulled out of the joint in the early stage of use. If the crimping amount is too large, the joint and the hose are pressed too tightly, which may cause local damage to the inner layer of the hose and cause cracks. Handling Precautions for Handling: The tube shrinking machine is suitable to be carried by a forklift, and the bottom of the tube shrinking machine is stressed. The tube shrinking machine must not be inverted. It is forbidden to lift and lower the tube head, motor and electrical box parts.
The working principle of the hose crimping machine:
1. It adopts the double hydraulic circuit operation principle, that is, the advancement and retraction of the piston and the opening and contracting movements of the mold rely on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not occur like a spring return, which makes the mold not open and locks. Moreover, the cylinder locking system is designed to penetrate back and forth, which is easy to buckle various special-shaped elbows.
2. The hydraulic system consists of a motor, an oil pump, a solenoid valve, a pressure regulating valve, and a hydraulic valve. It has a dual hydraulic oil circuit with forward and backward movement. In addition, a quick drain valve oil circuit is added to the dual hydraulic oil circuit to achieve even more. The purpose of fast return is adjustable speed, noise and system pressure are reduced.