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What are the precautions for replacing the anti-wear hydraulic oil for the hose crimping machine?

Precautions for replacement of anti-wear hydraulic oil for hose crimping machine
When using a hose crimping machine or a high pressure oil pipe, if the amount of crimping is too small, and the pressure between the joint and the hose is too loose, the hose of the crimping machine may come out of the joint at the beginning of use under the action of oil pressure. If the amount of pipe press is too large, then the joint and the hose are pressed too tightly, which will cause local damage to the inner layer of the hose, which will cause cracks. The hydraulic oil will directly enter the steel wire layer from the rupture, and then run along the gap between the steel wires to the end of the jacket Out, or has been channeling along the wire layer to somewhere to accumulate, causing the outer layer of rubber to bulge or even crack.
What are the precautions for replacing the anti-wear hydraulic oil for the hose crimping machine?
(1) Keep the hydraulic system of the crimping machine and pipe press clean, and remove the sludge and metal filings in the fuel tank in time.
(2) Perform the oil change according to the oil change reference index. During the oil change, the parts of the crimping machine and the pipe pressing machine should be cleaned to prevent impurities from being mixed into the oil and affecting the use effect.
(3) During storage and use, the container and refueling tools must be cleaned to prevent the oil from being contaminated.
The hose crimping machine judges the quality of the hose when crimping the hose. Please pay attention to the following points:
First, see if the surface is smooth and flat, with or without blisters, bumps, sponges, trachoma, etc .;
2. Bend by hand to see if there are cracks;
3. See if the steel wire reinforcement layer is arranged regularly;
Fourth, look at the cross section, whether the inner hole and the steel wire layer are round, and whether the inner rubber layer and the outer rubber layer are uniform in thickness;
5. Use nails or a knife to cut the inner and outer rubber to see if it is strong;
6. Use your nose to smell the smell of the inside and outside glue;
Seven, see the printing of the tube, whether there is a trademark, factory name and other information.
Hose crimping machine (now also known as tube shrinking machine in the market. Pipe crimping machine, crimping machine, crimping machine, riveting machine, necking machine, etc.) is a kind of hydraulic equipment used for crimping pipe assembly. The metal joint applies the contraction force through the mold of the tube deduction machine, and firmly presses the metal joint on the supporting high-pressure oil pipe for engineering machinery or the brake pipe, oil pipe, air-conditioning pipe, and power pipe of the automobile. The pipe deduction machine is suitable for all kinds of mechanical high and low pressure oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, cable joints, automotive air conditioning pipes, automotive power steering pipes, motor oil pipes, gasoline oil supply pipes, as well as building accessories, daily hot water gas pipe deduction, widely used Used in vehicles, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment and other industries. So how is the deduction machine usually used and maintained?
1. Place the joint in the center of the mold as much as possible when buckling, and do not press on the hex nut;
2. Do not allow other things to enter the tube head, so as not to cause product damage;
3. After each use, make sure to open the eight mold holders to a drunk degree. This can keep the spring in an open shape and maintain the overall system of the spring well. The oil cylinder is always in a state of pressure relief and can be very Prolong the service life of the oil seal.