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What are the advantages of pipe cutting machine in practical application?

I believe that everyone is no stranger to pipe cutting machines, because when we generally buy steel pipes, we buy them in batches. Sometimes when it is useful in actual needs to be shorter than the purchased steel pipe, we need to use a pipe cutting machine. Cut the tube. It can be said that a pipe cutting machine is required in a construction project and plays a vital role. So what are the advantages of pipe cutting machines in practical use? Let's take a look with the editors below.
First, from the technical point of view of the pipe cutting machine, molds that are not suitable for manufacturing metal plate parts, especially some small aluminum alloy templates, especially some steel pipes with a thickness of about 12 mm, are not recommended to be used with pipe cutting machines. Processing, the reason for this is to save production costs.
Second, the cutting speed of the pipe cutting machine is fast, especially compared to other mechanical equipment. The pipe cutting machine uses a power of 2 kilowatts. The cutting speed of 8 mm thick carbon steel is 1.6 m / min, and 2 mm thick stainless steel. The cutting speed is 3.5 meters per minute, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the deformation rate is very low.
The third point is that the pipe cutting machine will not cause pollution during use, it is safe and convenient to use, and future maintenance is relatively simple.
Fourth point, the quality of steel pipe cutting is very good. The width of the slot is narrow, which can be controlled between 0.1 and 0.5 mm, and the cutting accuracy is high. Generally speaking, the error will not exceed 0.5 mm. The error after production is basically 0, and the cut surface is smooth and free of impurities and protrusions. After re-cutting, the steel pipe can be directly processed.
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