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What are the advantages of automatic hose crimping machine?

At present, the more commonly used on the market is the automatic tube shrinking machine, which is widely used in machinery manufacturing, pipe processing, shipyards, construction, large-scale use in engineering manufacturing, deeply loved by consumers, so automatic shrinking What are the advantages of the tube machine? What is its working principle? Let me introduce it to everyone.
The automatic tube shrinking machine is an automatic tube end processing equipment operated by a hydraulic press operated by an integrated touch screen to display information screens under normal conditions. It can expand and shrink the tube. Production, processing, and forming of pipe ends such as pipes, bales, and tendons. According to customers' needs, they can choose manual, start-up, or full-automatic production and processing shapes. CNC tube shrinking machine tool itself, guide slide, main hydraulic cylinder, grinding It consists of core rods, limit switch hydraulic cylinders, clamping hydraulic cylinders, clamping abrasive tools, radial precise positioning hydraulic cylinders, and radial precise positioning angle steel.
Pipe fitting necking is a forming process that reduces the diameter of the steel pipe. The radial force of the steel pipe enters the deformation zone, and the tangentially gathered necked plastic deformation is caused in the deformation zone, and then it enters the stability zone, and finally the pipe diameter becomes smaller.
The pipe flaring is a forming process that expands the diameter of the steel pipe. The flaring appearance is tapered and cylindrical. The steel pipe enters the deformation area under the effect of radial force. In the deformation area, tangential lashing plastic deformation is caused. , Then enter the stable deformation area, and finally form.
By setting a tubular throttle valve on the main cylinder circuit, the working speed of the main cylinder can be adjusted. There is a superimposed hydraulic control check valve on the circuit of the squeeze cylinder to ensure that the mold will not loosen during the clamping process; the displacement cylinder, the limit cylinder and the axial positioning cylinder are all provided with a superimposed two-way throttle valve, which can be adjusted. The dual movement rate of the hydraulic cylinder is described. The shifting hydraulic cylinder and the limit switch hydraulic cylinder are used in cooperation with each other to apply the changing fixture, thereby making the changing of the fixture convenient and accurate, and ensuring the quality of pipe production and processing.
Wrinkled and seamless steel pipes that are caused by the different characteristics of the raw materials of the pipes must be welded to the bridge above the cored core and welded inside the arc. Bend arm speed and auxiliary push speed can be adjusted appropriately to make it walk evenly and evenly. When bending thinner water pipes, the inner side wall is thicker during the whole process of force deformation. Because the metal members are not stable, in addition to deformation, wrinkle deformation will also be caused. The thinner the wall thickness, the worse the structural reliability. Very easy to cause wrinkle deformation.