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How does the automatic pipe bender prevent its leakage?

There are various types of pipe bending equipment on the market, and automatic pipe bending machines are one of them. So what do we need to pay attention to when using automatic pipe bending machines, especially for this type of machinery and equipment that are metal in appearance? It has electrical conductivity, so when we use an automatic pipe bender, leakage of electricity will be very fatal, and the voltage will be transmitted to our body in equal amounts. The consequences are unthinkable, so today I will introduce you to the automatic pipe bender. How to prevent the leakage phenomenon, let's take a look.
The methods to prevent leakage of automatic pipe benders are mainly from the following three points:
First, install a leakage reminder

Improve the power supply of the automatic pipe bender, use the 3-wire common wiring method, and install a leakage reminder at the power interface. This has the advantage that the alarm can be sounded as soon as the leakage occurs, because once the power contacts When the metal casing passes through the leakage contact device, an alarm will be issued at this time to remind the staff not to touch the casing of the automatic pipe bender.
Second, automatic power off protection

This point is very important to Xiaobian. Install an automatic power-off protection device connected to the ground at the power interface of the automatic pipe bender. The reason for this is mainly because automatic power-off can protect us to a greater extent. The staff is free from the danger of voltage, and can lead the current to the ground wire in the event of an accident.
Third, anti-electric gloves

In fact, with the previous two methods, this method is only a step further to ensure safety. As the name implies, anti-electric gloves can not lead current to our body when they contact the power supply. They can be used in every factory. An electric-proof glove, wear it when operating, and put it in the designated place when stopping operation.
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