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Healthy competition and independent innovation are the keys to dominate the domestic hose crimping machine industry

HengHua Hydraulic investigation found that many hydraulic hose crimping machine manufacturing enterprises have adopted award sales, cash on delivery, and inferior parts to quickly expand market share, which have become open secrets of the industry, and this behavior directly leads to low equipment quality and after-sales service Lagging situation. Excessive promotion of hydraulic hose crimping machine industry vitality, although it can create some myths in the short term, will cause manufacturers to ignore technological innovation and process improvement; also ignore product quality and service life, and ultimately affect the development of crimping machinery.
During the four years from 2008 to 2012, domestic hydraulic hose crimping machine industry sales increased by 10 times, and exports increased by 30 times. Especially under the national economic investment stimulus plan, we have ushered in a rapid pace.
However, from the end of 2012, the market changed dramatically. With the slowdown and delay of infrastructure projects such as real estate and road and bridge construction, the hydraulic hose crimping machine industry suffered a decline in overall economic growth. —15%, but the overall export growth rate is more than doubled. In the future, under the premise of maintaining the overseas market, increase the independent innovation of products and continue to increase the research and development investment of hydraulic hose crimping machine and pipe pressing machine to create value for products and services To maintain the leading position in the industry.